The Reason

Since I was 13 I’ve CONTINUOUSLY worn my hair in cornrow braid extensions all the way till I was sixteen. I loved conrows but after a while I kind of grew tired of wearing that same old style for about a month until it was about-that-time to get it braided all over again. However it did keep my hair lovely and it made it freakin’ GROW!!!

But that means nothing unless you knew how about my hair before the ‘rows’

I had boxbraids throughout middle school and when it was about that time to take them out.


My hair had completely fallen out. (Not to excessive baldness but) One side shorter than the other. Tiny roots and sprouts all over my hair. I could only wear it a certain way because it was so short. Cut like a short haired Chinese girl fashion because it was that short.

And then….

My mom permed it.

That made it even worse because not only would it not grow, it was stuck in a short little bob (that was shorter than a bob). I remember the first day back into school and people noticed my hair was short. One boy in school would stare and say: DAAAMMMMNNN! you’re hair is short as hell! It took all my might to hold a brave face and just tough it out with I-don’t-care attitude. When I went home I remember me talking to my brother and ask him if he thought my hair looked awful. He wasn’t so crazy about hair and girl stuff like that but he never made me feel like it was awful or ugly. He’d always encourage me and tell me that my hair would grow.

I changed hairstylist and we just started with cornrow extensions. This time:

Only 2 weeks cause we didn’t any more damage.

It was fine. No damage whatsoever.

We did it again.

And it was still fine.

And we kept doing it. Till three years went past us and my hair was now at my shoulders…..
February 26 2012 was my first blow out and I was IN LOVE!!! with my length.

And then I loved blowouts… alittle too much.

I kept doing it for about 4 months constantly ironing and stroking my locks of hair with the blazing hot iron, steaming away all health that I’d patiently waited to gain. (with NO heat protection! like a boss)

It didn’t fall out. It was just a tad shorter in the front (my bangs) and the back wasn’t as long anymore.

So I put it back in for year. And it grew back out again.  And here we are…

IT’s time. It’s really time to learn and just know how to do my hair.
So let’s start the journey. =)


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