The Beauty I’ll Have

Okay. So I know I have been whiney about the whole im-scared-to-wear-my hair thing
(teehee that rhymed)
And I’ve been definitely jumping on the whole I’ve-got-no-confidence trampoline. It’s awful.

But seriously, this is gonna be great. I’m gonna LOVE my frackin’ hair! Whatever the truck it’ll be. It’ll bebeautiful!

Can I have a little pep talk with myself? Woop Woop!

I love all things in life!!!

I’m sorry guys. I’m just sick of throwing my insecurities all over the place here lately.

I did want to point out which hair styles I thought were beautiful. Like come on They’re gorgeous:


Who doesn’t want hair like that?
Or even this:


Now I know that is not the point of going natural. It is not to admire so much of others that you hate your own.

I get it.
Please believe. I’m shooting for self love and love of what’s on my head! Trying.

But a girl can appreciate the other sista’s hair can’t she?

(Yes. Yes she can)

Can I get an Amen?

End Pep Talk

Until next time.


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