My First Wash Day!

Okay guys! I was really excited about my wash day and even though everything didn’t go perfectly. (Really didn’t) I like how much I’m learning which is what matters.

So to start I took down all my extension braids.

You can’t really see them but I’m sure you know what those look like: (I just had a bang in the front tho, my little style)


So we went from that to:



So yeah..took all dem bad boys out. That took me about 2-3 hours (a little more than that cause I started to get more & more tired)  (the struggle is real guys)

But! I got it all out. Then I detangled and placed them into braids. I don’t know if I detangled fully though but, I started to braid.

My hair was very soft (sooooo soft) I loved it. The only problem was that: it was itchy and needed to be washed.

Then I went ahead with Jane Carter’s moisture nourishing shampoo to wash my hair. Turned on the shower and let it go.


The water was warm, semi-hot. It could’ve been another reason why I was having issues later on. However I didn’t like the feel it left my hair. I felt a lot of resistance and it just didn’t feel soft to the touch. ….but THEN! I conditioned with:

Now both these products contain sulfates in them, even though I used them knowing this, I didn’t believe it would have such a strong effect on my hair…..(it did tho)

I left it in for a few minutes and then,

I continued to detangle and place my hair into rollers.


I didn’t want to have a curly hair effect, I just placed my hair into rollers and heat blow dry heat them cause I didn’t want to wait forever for my hair to dry. (Impatience is prevalent throughout this whole process)

I STRUGGLED! with detangling before these rollers even went in. When it came to the back of my hair. I gave up half way and I was just beyond frustrated because my hair was so tough and coarse and just impossible to comb through.


Before my hair was just so soft and after using the Jane carter line it was so difficult. I felt like I was raking through some tough grass and the leaves were all up in the wayyyy!!!

I kept spraying the Leave In:

Thinking this would make it soft….It didn’t… =(
I just felt like it was kind of just soaking my hair but not making it softer.

So unfortunately, I didn’t like how this line did what it did to my hair.

After I blow dried for 30 mins. I took it down. (More impatience)

And even though it was semi-dry. (I wanted it that way) I didn’t like the way my hair felt still.

Lifeless and dry. (Brittle)

I brushed it out cause I wanted  a more:

Blown-out but dry look.

And the sound when the brush hit my hair was like velcro. The brush was old and I felt the bristle weren’t really doing it’s job but at the same time I felt like the sound was also my hair.

I’d place my hand through my hair and it was so painful to just stroke through . =/

When I got to the back of my hair. It hurt, I had to be very careful cause I could feel the breakage starting and I see strands of hair falling out….well yeah.

I started to get really discouraged and I thought to myself:

Why on Earth did I decide to Go Natural????????

I started to think maybe it was the detangling and on top of that the shampoo.

I spoke to my mom and she advised me that if the shampoo is too harsh on my head it can make it feel and look kinky and feel rough when my hair is actually curly and soft.

However that was when I was a kid and I don’t know if my texture has changed since then.

But I knew before I went natural, I would wet the bang in the front and it did have nice curls….so..?

*whisper* (More Discoveries) *whisper*

ANYWHO! My mom took me to the store and bought me The Shea Moisture line. I’m going to see how that works on my hair. HOPEFULLY it really just does wonders. I’m starting to see how expensive this can get if I’m still not hitting the right buttons.



Yeah…so that was my first wash out day. I’m really excited to see how the Shea Moisture Line does towards my hair.

Any suggestions, encouragement or similar experiences would be nice to read.


5 thoughts on “My First Wash Day!

    • Genimsaj says:

      I heard a lot of naturals use the Denman brush! But I had my eyes on the detangling brush by Felicia Leatherwood. However, could you tell me why you prefer that one over another? =)

      • TheGirl says:

        I used to use the typical wide-tooth shower comb, and my life changed when I started with my generic version of the denman. De-tangling doesn’t “hurt” as much, and is quicker with the brush than comb. Also, it really removes the shedding hair and not just break your hair (I would use to see broken knots all over) and the biggest thing I saw: when I use to wash with the comb, I’d have hair all OVER the shower bed, on the walls, glass, on my body, clogging the drain, but with the brush the hair stays on the brush! No clean up afterwards.

  1. Genimsaj says:

    Okay! Definitely having me sold on the Denman brush! =) Hmm.. I’m also experiencing the ‘hair-is-every-where’ case and if that brush can stop it! I’m all for it. If I ever get around to getting it. Ill make a post! Thank you so much for your comment. =)

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