What I’ve Seen

Something I’ve noticed, now that I’ve been wearing my hair in a bun, all natural and what not…Ya know, doing my natural thing.

It’s really strange to me, lately, how conscientious I am about other girls’ hair. Now that I’m natural, I’ve noticed who’s not. And no, not in the discriminating sense.

It’s just I’ve realized how
relaxed and permed and STRAIGHT and in my mind: how pretty. It is.
And also how I don’t feel attractive with my simple, lame, traditional hair.

I’m pretty much over thinking it cause my boyfriend thinks it’s awesome. And most of the time i purposefully put no effort into it cause I’m lazy.
So if that’s the problem…what is my point?
I don’t know, just had a lot of thoughts bouncing around and I’m trying to bring them to a hault.

Or maybe…they shouldn’t be silent! Maybe my thoughts are all trying to tell me something. Maybe the inside of my head is supposed to scream & shout & make me go nutty because there’s something deeper going on in my subconscious.
Ya think?
(Hec, idk. Lost all motivation on that self-reflective insight)

(See what I’m saying? With the over thinking thing?!!?!!!!)

I think the best thing for me right now is to just try a different style.

…even that makes me scared.
Because I’m not used to my hair all voluptuously out and all ‘here-I-am’.
However I don’t think there’s a growing ‘into’ it for me. Just need to dive.

(I believe I said that in an earlier post? Yes.)

Bantu Knots?

Where I am now is about to drop to that below zero kind of temperature.

Any protective styles?
(Ya know other than the Bun?)

Sorry guys, I thought that this post had a central idea and it didn’t. Kind of just took you around my head and back out to reality.

But yes!
Protective Styles!!!?
Yes, No?

Until another thought pops.


4 thoughts on “What I’ve Seen

  1. isleofazure says:

    Girl, you hair is gorgeous, just saw your pic, wear it anyway you please, as long as you feel comfortable. Buns are super cute, if you want to add something, get some cute hair accessories and voila.

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