Shea Moisture Love.

Okay guys! Just wanted to quickly say that my wash out with the Shea moisture Line was BEAUTIFUL.

I’m talking fluffy clouds, starlights, heavenly dancing, cosmic trance BEAUTIFUL.

Okay? *snap*

It made my hair a lot softer than the Jane Carter Shampoo. And it was very moisture leaving. I just LOVED. How my hair felt. It felt so nourished. It was just a beautiful experience and I loved every second of it. Lol.


I think sadly that’s the only part I like about washing my hair.

But anyway, The Conditioner went very well too. It made my hair very soft. I’m just in love with Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner.

And All Things Shea Moisture, like you have no idea. 

It was just very manageable, unlike the last wash out.

Then I went ahead and did a twist out.
This part I realized was a lot of work!

I wanted small twists hoping for a very curly effect. And it’s not that I didn’t like the way it came out but….

I thought it was okay.

I felt like a boy when I placed the twists in and when I took them out I felt like my hair was very short.

I have a lot of shrinkage in the back and I know my hair is a lot longer than it looks.

Does Shrinkage mean something? Or is that just how hair functions? Is there ways to combat that?

When I laid my twist out to dry. I did place bands in it to stretch it out the night before but it still looked short.

Eh. So I put it up in a bun. Gah…Back to comfort zone.

I would post pictures but only cause its not as defined but…eh, whatever. I’ll post picture later today.


Until next time



10 thoughts on “Shea Moisture Love.

  1. Christina says:

    Shrinkage is good…it means your hair is healthy. If you want a longer or fuller twist out you can either pin your twist with bobby pins on the opposite side of your head as they dry to stretch them out or you can pull your twist down and run a blow dryer over each one.

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