Dead Ends….?

Honestly, okay.  I’ve taken a look at my hair and I be noticin’ some thangs, okay?

I know during my time of wearing extension braids, I’d leave my “bangs” (not really just a section of my hair) out and I used to straighten the life out of my hair for forever.

Now OF COURSE. I have split ends and those ends also suffer from heat damage. (Cause I was a boss at keeping my hair healthy)

I saw this when I washed out my hair.

Should I trim those edges? I don’t even know how to trim my ends.

I’m especially one of those chickas who would hold onto horrendous splits  just for a bit of  her length…and I know that’s NOT healthy at all. But anyway…I would love to have some feed back about trimming.

I know there’s a  WHOLE BUNCH of methods.

Gah…and I don’t want to chop off more hair than absolutely necessary.


Someone explain this to me.

*whisper* cause this never made sense to me. Like Ever. *whisper*

How on EARTH? Does trimming off your ends make your hair grow? Just….someone break that down for me. Cause I honestly feel that sometimes it’s just a stigma that’s placed out there that we’re all ‘supposed‘ to do but none of us actually know why.

Unless…someone out there reading this DOES know why….that’d be nice.

Just someone break down how cutting off the ends release the ultimate growth process of our hair. (or whatever the mystical theory is)

Thank you. Helping my life out forever.


I think this is more of a shout-out-to-the-natural-sisters-post more than anything else right now.

1) What is a good method as far as trimming your ends?

2) Does coconut oil help seal up dead ends?

2a) How often do I have to do that before I see any results (I’m an impatient one) 

I’ve got a lot of beef with my hair lately. The frustration is rising and there will definitely be a rant later on about how I feel about my hair. And other rants about life.

Until next time

~ later.


9 thoughts on “Dead Ends….?

  1. isleofazure says:

    Never did get why you must trim either, although I know with plants, when you trim, they tend to grow faster, healthier and more, maybe this applies to our head also? No clue but will look into this. Thinking Cap on 😉

  2. foreverasiam says:

    Trimming ones ends does not make the hair grow. When you trim your ends all you are doing is giving the appearance of thicker fuller hair because your ends look even. Cutting the hair has no effect on how fast it grows out of the follicle. Hair grows at the average half an inch a month, and lets say you trimmed an inch, you just took away two months of length. Now in two months your hair will be back at the length it was before you trimmed but now it will have even /stronger ends. 🙂 I hope that made sense lol. I am also one who DOES NOT like cutting my hair I worked so hard to grow lol.

    • Genimsaj says:

      I’m so liking your input! Definitely places out some perspective that i knew was in existence (just didn’t know who held that perspective) its nice to know that I am not the only female who questions that. So when split ends arises, how do you go about treating it?

  3. foreverasiam says:

    Also I use a search and destroy method for dealing with splits. And I’m not really sure what you mean by “dead” ends since the entire length of the hair is pretty much dead. If it wasnt, cutting your hair or nails would be painful as heck!!! O.o

    • Genimsaj says:

      I understand that the entirety of our hair is in fact dead but ‘dead ends’ was just a play on words for me here. I was pointing out that my ends are awfully splitting and isn’t healthy or (how some people say) ‘lively’ and in not having life my ends are: ‘dead’

      • foreverasiam says:

        Lmao ok ok I was thinking that but I didn’t know for sure, well in that sense my ends are DEAD RIP THROW THE FUNERAL ALREADY DEAD CREMATE THEM SUCKAS ALREADY o.o xD

        I’m transitioning so I have relaxed ends that I am just not willing to part with yet lol but I have hella split ends as well. :/ I normally just do a search and destroy where I take my hair in sections over a couple of days ( so I don’t go blind) and sit in really good light and just snip the really bad split ends I can see and reach. :/ recently that has been taking super long, and since i refuse to get my hair professionally cut its kinda uneven so I was considering looking into crea clips. If you straighten your hair, this may be a super easy way for you to trim your own hair with out taking off too much. ( and lol please don’t think I’m here to sell clips xD I’m not, I’ll prob buy a knock off on amazon of something I thought I’d mention it haha)

      • Genimsaj says:

        Haha! Oh my goodness you’re really funny. And I think straightening one is the best way to go. So I think that’s where at. Why did you decide to go natural?

      • foreverasiam says:

        Aw well thank you lol. & I went natural because for one I was really tired of hiding behind weaves and mainly paying for them. Also there was a time when I did an over night henna treatment and smeared all the green henna paste all over my hair/scalp and went to bed thinking nothing of it. Well the next morning when I went to use the bathroom my pee was straight forest green! Like darker than shrek green o.o I was beyond freaked out but learned that it had come from my scalp absorbing the henna molecules and now my body was flushing them out. so then I started thinking if my head was able to absorb the henna and make my stuff green with no problems what in the heck was my scalp/body getting in it from relaxers o.o so I just stopped. How about you?

      • Genimsaj says:

        That’s a VERY interesting tale….still looking at my screen wide eyed. But everything about the henna pate ad green pee makes absolute sense especially in correlation with relaxers. And the reason I actually went natural is on my About Me page. So you can read all about it there! =)

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