I haven’t even been natural for a month and this process is already getting on my nerves.

Like seriously.

I don’t like how short my hair came out. I’m realizing how obsessed I am with length. Damn.

Need more patience.


6 thoughts on “Frustration.

  1. isleofazure says:

    You can do it girl!!! When i had my TWA, was obsessed with having longer hair, seriously, looking at every blog, wed page, you tube video or article about long natural hair that exists online, spent nearly every day seeing how to get longer hair quick, I mean 6 inches in 3 months baby!!! The best thing I learned is to work with the length you currently have, cherish your tresses and make sure she is healthy and length will come, I assure you!!! Here is an idea to make it easier, take about 5 pics each month of your progress and do a length check every 2 months, you will be surprised how fast that baby grows!!! Try it and cheer up, you are naturally beautiful!!! Have a lovely evening and you can get through this 🙂

  2. Ndeshimona says:

    Starting out with super short hair made me a little nervous at first. I mean honestly, I hadn’t rocked a TWA since I was 3. But then I realized… this is the simplest and easiest my hair will EVER be. And I mean ever. And then I nurtured it but pretty much left it alone and before you know it you’re able to wear more styles and wash days become actual wash. days. haha.

    I agree with isleofazure’s comment. Take a couple pics a month. Do a personal vid about your length at that moment. I did with my first year and I absolutely love going back and watching them and seeing my hair start out and my thoughts about my journey. It’s a great memento and unless you chop again it’s unlikely your hair will ever be that short again. High five for taking the plunge, I’m excited for you 🙂

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