Hair Love Affair

You know, when I truly think about it. There’s not so much education to the African American or Black Girl Hair Type. Even I grew up not understanding my hair, let alone anyone else who didn’t share the same texture and look.

Let me not say white, or Caucasian because I know the lack of knowledge of black girls hair is beyond that scope. So lets just hop off that train for a second.

I realized that the education for black women’s hair generally goes toward the community of black women going natural or who already wear their hair naturally.

I really want the education to spread to more than just that. (At least in my own circle) but why would anyone else need to know about our hair? Why would anyone want to learn about a different hair type?

Well because people are curious! People want to know, people just don’t know how to ask without sound ignorantly arrogant or offensive.

I remember when I first started talking about my blog to some of my friends.
I’s state:

“Oh yeah, I have a blog.”

They’d ask:
“Oh cool! What do you blog about?!”

And then immediately, I build up this semi notion. That: “This is the black girl struggle and they’re not gonna understand why I blog about my hair.”


“Oh geez, They don’t understand how cool and big this is, I have to place this in perspective and spell it out for the white girls because cause they’ve never really had to adjust their self-image and celebrate their hair nor will they get it first hand… *Rolls eyes* Oh vey”

How awful is that thinking pattern?

However, I know I’m not the only girl who secretly holds these thoughts when others ask:

Why does your hair stick up?

You only wash your hair every two weeks? When do you take a shower?

You should straighten your hair, it’ll look so pretty.

What? You ‘wrap’ your hair at night?

I watched this video on

Here’s the link:

It was this project centered around black women standing about in NYC stating that: You can touch my hair.

And to sum it up it was to show that black women should talk and educate about our hair. So it’s no longer just a black girl thing. So we no longer have to hold that stigma that ‘white’ or yellow or red or brown people don’t understand our hair.

Don’t read this in the wrong light here. I’m not trying to state that all people feel this way and that all black women are harboring some hatred and that everyone else is just ignorant. No, there is an exception to every rule and some black women may have never been effaced with this. And that’s okay.

I’m talking to the girls who have dealt with this kind of situations where it’s weird or uncomfortable to explain your hair because its so different. Because you feel others don understand and it’s just another ‘black girl struggle’

When I told my friends and explained the purpose of my blog. I got positive feed back and even excitement! It kind of melted the icey stigma I’ve held against other whites in the past.

Maybe this is just to encourage me but I feel we should talk about our hair. Not to just ourselves but spread the pride and love of our hair to others too. So they can see too why it’s so wonderful.

Because it is.


3 thoughts on “Hair Love Affair

  1. isleofazure says:

    I agree completely, girls love hair and love to talk hair. Have also noticed that people whether black, white, pink or blue 🙂 are curious about our hair, they want to touch it, play in it, see how long it is and how we take care of it, I love it!!!! They are curious and want to know, so am more than happy to tell them. So yes, talk about your hair with anyone that asks sincerely and have fun too. Thanks for this article girl, nicely done, you get a 5 star rating for PERFECT!!!

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