The Battle

Okay so here’s the lay down, okay?

Every night….and I mean Ev-er-y night.

I tuck my hair under my lovely red satin cap. Get some beauty sleep. Wake up the next morning and then BAM! BIG HAIR everywhere and it gets to the point where it’s inching out of my cap.


So last night, I tried to combat this by placing in some Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and some Jojoba Oil to seal it up, not only that, I placed my hair into braids just to keep it at bay.

Next morning…
It worked. However it did shrink up in the back. I’ve heard that shrinkage is normal and it means you have healthy hair. True?

I’m just trying to find a night time routine that helps my hair out.

However, something’s really scaring me though guys: I’ve noticed some breakage. Is it breakage? 150 strands are suppose to fall out of your head every day but….I mean, I don’t know about that.

It’s just every time I’m tying my hair or trying to detangle, Woop! There it is: strands of my hair all over the place. It’s not a lot (I don’t think) but it doesn’t matter what I do to my hair, Pieces are falling.


Except this morning though, there was less breakage than there was last night. And maybe that’s what it is, maybe I need more moisture. (Cause I did place conditioner and an oil.)

However when I applied the Leave In, I don’t know my hair felt cased. You know like too much product?
So I’m wondering how do you know if your hair really is being moisturized or in need of a wash. What does dry hair feel like? What does moisturize hair feel like?

Any takers?
Any night time care routines?
Description of breakage?
Moisturized or Dry Hair Identification?

My hair is such a battle field sometimes.

Until next time


2 thoughts on “The Battle

  1. stalkershawn says:

    You could try bantu knotting the braids so it doesn’t shrink. Also, maybe you were a bit heavy handed with product in the back. In my experience, any water based product is going to cause shrinkage.

    And I think as long as the pieces aren’t tiny broken pieces then I say what you are experiencing is normal shedding. I rarely tie my hair up at night but I sleep on satin pillowcases. So that’s pretty much it for my nighttime routine. lol

  2. isleofazure says:

    Hey Doll,

    Natural hair, she can pretty hard to deal with sometimes, now for a night time routine, another option is to place in 10-15 loose braids, add a dab of your conditioner and oil, focus especially at ends and tie up in a satin bonnet, try for a week to see if that helps.

    Here are some great tips for your from Curly Nikki:

    Hope those tips help.

    I am trying to see if Black Pekoe Tea will help with less shedding, will see this wash day because have not washed my hair in 3 weeks (yes, still looks good :D) so that should be 2,100 hairs shed, so will see how much hair is shed this Sunday and will prove whether the tea works or not. Did a post on it if you want to check it out doll.


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