Natural Reunion

I went to see The Best Man Holiday on Friday and I ran into another Natural!!! Her hair was so cute.

And I don’t know why, but I’m always admiring other naturals’ hair.

And when I complimented her she said something in return that I can placed in perspective.

“This isn’t my best hair day, it’s actually my bad hair day but Thank you!”

And it’s funny cause we probably all feel (well at least me…) like our hair isn’t the best or looking beautiful. Maybe we’re too hard on ourselves. Maybe we’re more beautiful than we give ourselves credit for.

But ANYWAY! She also watches Naptural85 and uses some the same hair products she uses.

I love how the topic of our hair was an instant connection for us. Because she wasn’t scared or taken a back she just happily shared all about her hair.

I loved that, put a good vibe for the movie.

Which was good! Go see it!


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