Hair Secrets….What’s Yours? (Cause I Finally Unveiled Some of Mine)

So my hair finally spilled the d’s to me girls.
What do I mean?

Last Friday was my wash day and I took my hair on a LOOONNNGGGGG Date.

So are you having trouble with your hair, ladies? Are you trying to give it tender loving care but not sure how to romance her way into eternal bliss? Follow these steps, and your guaranteed healthy & satisfying results towards your hair relationship!

(I’m joking guys, I know nothing)

Step 1:

Opening The Door For the Lady.

This means to Detangle…I think for me it’s either one or the other: I’m either obsessed with detangling or my hair is never detangled enough. I learned, finally, that detangling is suppose to be a semi-long process and the way I’ve been thinking of detangling was always: “Gosh this is taking so long” “Is it detangled yet?….I think it’s detangled”.  And then I stroked my fingers through one more time and I realize….the knots are still there. (Seriously?!?!?!?! I wanted to flip a table)

Step 2:

Take her on the date.

This is where I would Wash That Hair. I shampoo my hair with Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Retention Shampoo, very lovely, very natural. I love how my hair smells and feels afterwards. The shampoo, however, is tricky though because the first time I washed my hair with it, it was very moisture leaving. I understood that the shampoo was out but the moisture was still left in. Now, I’m having more trouble distinguishing that, I guess and this time I believe I just washed everything out. However:

Secret #1: My curls in the front of my hair have bounced back up. No more stringy ends, which to me means the pesky Hair Damage Devil is, in fact, reverting.

Step 3:

Give her flowers..

This is where I Conditioned. Now I’ve been contemplating about co-washing and how conditioner should be used ALOT more than shampooing in the “Natural Girl World” However, the ratio of my shampoo vs. my conditioner. Shampoo is winning  the-turtle-and-the-hare- “I’m finished’ race. SO…this allowed me to not be shy and PUT IN that conditioner baby! *snap* YES!

I let it soak and soak…and soak. Washed it out. And step out of the shower….

Secret #2 : It’s official. My Hair has two different textures. The front is a 4a: coily and springy, but the back is more like a  4C: matted and cottony kinky. The back completely shrinks up and the front shrinks but still maintains a longer look.

Before I always thought that I had heat damage in the front of my hair but it’s honestly because my hair has two different textures to it….what to do now?

Step 4:

Pamper her with compliments:


Took out a hood dryer and deep conditioned for the first time. Oooomph! My Hair…was SOOOOO soft. I deep conditioned with the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Conditioner for15 minutes. (Instructions on the bottle) and Mmmmm!

Secret #3 Deep conditioning made my hair UBER Soft….Yum.

Okay this is where the date got bad….

Yep… I don’t have steps for this one so..

After I deep conditioned, I contemplated about leaving it in, but I thought you never do that so… (According to every YouTube video I watched) I washed it out. After I washed it out, I slapped on My Cantu Shea Butter Leave In….and this is where my hair started to feel cakey a little “over-baked”. A little dry and just eww…

I wanted to blow dry my hair out so. I started to detangle. AND BAM:

It was awful. I was scared and sad because my hair felt so good before I washed out the conditioner and I felt it was my fault for washing the good stuff out.


Anyway! I wanted to blow dry my hair. So I put some heat protectant in it….I was little nervous cause I knew silicones were in it and from what I know, Silicones case the hair shaft with a layer that prevents hair from absorbing any moisture. BUT I didn’t want heat damage so I plugged that bad boy in and started blowing…

This is where it got worse. …

So I waited for my hair to dry just a bit (This is where I think it went wrong) I read somewhere else that another natural doesn’t blow dry her hair sopping wet. However, I did the last time (and every time before that) . So when I blow dried my hair, It was dry with the Cantu Shea Butter Leave in and with some heat protectant over it.

After I finished each section of hair, it felt stripped of A LOTTT of moisture. I knew I had it on high, but I’ve done this before many times  WITHOUT a problem. The side of my hair was extremely rough and (ew.) So I placed some more conditioner to softened it up. It worked but….Woah! I’ve NEVER felt my hair so dry before.

Right, so here’s the Black Girl Struggle:

You know when your hair is being blow dried, steam is coming off.
Yes? Yes.

Because the heat protectant, the conditioner, and everythan! You put in your hair is coming off and the resemblance to smoke is fairly high. (Indeed). So I’m blow drying, the steams’ blowing around, I’m doing my thang…..and then the smoke alarm goes off.

I’m in school. It’s below 30 degrees. And I made my whole dormitory evacuate.

This was the day before our actual break started and people wanted a jump start to leaving…SO there wasn’t a lot of people there but daaannggg.

One girl was pretty pissed because….she was taking a shower. She was outside. In her flip-flops….and bathrobe.

But did I feel compelled to say it was my fault?


Not At All.

I did feel EXTREMELY guilty, but I didn’t quit feel admitting myself up for my own crucifixion.

Because of THAT! My hair took a WHOLE ‘nother hour to blow dry and I had to stay very close to the window and place it on a lower setting.

I did get my hair dry though.

I Bantu Knotted my front, to create a bang.

It looked pretty cute and I was able to give it a very nice stretch with bobby pins.

(Sorry I don’t have pics) =/

But yes…I learned a lot about my hair that Friday.

She definitely divulged a ton of secrets.


7 thoughts on “Hair Secrets….What’s Yours? (Cause I Finally Unveiled Some of Mine)

  1. isleofazure says:

    LOL LOL LOL 😀 😀 :D, love it!!!! Girl I am practically on the floor laughing about the school part, shhhh! mum’s the word 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the breakdown. I personally leave my conditioner in my hair as my leave in, use Tresemme and working great and do not use heat, hehehe, too scared will burn my scalp and tresses, but you gotta do what works for your hair, especially because it’s winter where you live, your hair will probably take a longer time to air dry, oh boy 🙂 Hair is fun and work at the same time isn’t it, Thanks for the post girl.

  2. Ndeshimona says:

    As I was reading I was thinking when I blow dry my hair sometimes I blow the fuse so I make sure to unplug pretty much everything before I start. But having your building evacuated cause of the smoke alarm? Haha!! Did you put a hat on so no one could see the half blow-dried evidence? Great story 😉

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