Growth Mark & Other Things I Want To Talk About

This is where I should start to see some growth. I believe. I read one article on saying that after every2-3 month we should start to see some growth.

So for me between this month and the next I should start to see some noticeable growth right? Right?

Gosh I hope so. I’m looking back over my routine and I’m wondering have I been doing things right.

It’s only the beginning so I believe I’m really prone to making mistakes.

My wash day was yesterday and it went well. Faster this time. I didn’t take so long to so everything. I deep conditioned again this time and it wasn’t as horrible as my ‘Secrets’ posts. No way. No way. (Man, that day was funny)

There’s a lot of things I want to try.
A protein treatment.
An avocado deep conditioner.
And this new leave in conditioner called ‘mixed chicks’ Really Wondering as to whether its good for my hair.

Willing to try new things.

I’ve noticed that my Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Conditioner isn’t as full as ‘slip’ when I wash it out. And even with that I didn’t want to wash it out completely. Just a good 50-60%. I really wanted to leave some of the moisture the conditioner leaves to the hair on the hair.

And what’s up with that? Why do we have to wash out our conditioners completely? I just feels it puts on but takes off the moisture I’m adding to it in the first place!!

Whatever. I’m gonna try doing what I’m doing by only washing some of it out.

I’ve been two strand twist protective styling. I didn’t take pics last week. So this time ill show you guys. Happy Hair Love!

Until next time.


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