Protective Hair Styling Challenge

Okay beautiful readers!

Quick Fact About Me:

I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Youtube! With natural hair community and I love just educating myself on all the different perspectives of hair textures and just everything under the SUN!!

About Hair Care.

And some of you may have seen this already, BUT I came across this Youtube Challenge of Protective Styling. Take a look:

Okay! I think, It’s a really interesting challenge. The video’s old, so the challenge isn’t new or anything but I really want to take a whack at this.  I think it’s exciting because…well..take a look at her results:

Now I understand that HER results may not be MINE! BUT…I think it’ll put some more excitement into my natural hair journey. Hmm? No? (well, alright I didn’t ask you!) 😉

I just think it’ll challenge me and get me pumped to see some results.

The whole ‘finger detangling’ thing may be a challenge though because well I’ve tried it and GOSH it takes a long time….and I mean LOOOONNNGGGGG time.

But I have seen less hair coming out of my head with it….(so maybe it does have a little sumthin sumthin’ to it)

ANOTHER THING I’ve GOT to put out there:

How. Often. Do. You. Detangle. Your. Hair?

Because….with the whole protective styling thing, I understand it gives your hair a break from the daily wear and tear thing, but then I’m seeing naturals detangle Daily…. and doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the whole: ‘Low Manipulation’ a.k.a Get-your-Hands-Out-of-Your-Hair-Woman!-That’s-Why-It’s-Falling-Out idea?

Someone explain that to me because:

I’m confused.

(Amongst other things in life, but let’s  just focus on that right now) 😉

Something Else I’ve Learned:

Dry Detangling Vs. Wet Detangling

I’ve never seen so much hair come out of my head my hair when it is dry. It’s better when I spritz it with some ‘watah’ (water) or put in a moisturizing  leave in- conditioner. Lot less hair….However! I’m still dealing with Breakage. (Ah.. Let me not get into that save that for another post.)

Wet detangling is a winner for moi! You guys?

Lemme know below!

And what do you think of my Protective Styling Challenge?

Here’s a pic of me giving it a try:


Two Flat Twist Braid from the front.


Two Strand Flat Twist from the side

I’m still learning how to do a Two-Strand Flat Twist…so I could only get it onto one side….Bear with me.

Okay ! Answer my questions above in the comments below!

Thank you. =)

Until next time darlings,



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