Hair Progress, Set Backs…etc. (I’m Documenting Guys)

Hey guys, I don’t know if this really is a set back but I think it was the beginning of this week where I went really violent on my hair. (I had no patience). I really didn’t  go slow or take my time with those tangles. I just combed harshly.. (my poor hair.)

I really lost my patience that day. Being a college student and having classes, I just feel like I never have the time for 3 hours of finger detangling my hair.

(I think it’s honestly my time management). But yeah, I think I broke off my hair a lot more than normal. I never have a lot of shedding when I wet detangle, but I still shed.

Lately (because of break) I don’t detangle my hair everyday. It’s every two days or every other. Honestly because I’m not going anywhere and my hair in my head is like a ‘last resort’  kind of thing.

I blame wearing extension braids for 3 years.

Never had to worry about a thing.

Another thing!

Totally messed up my wash  day system. There was one week in January where I just didn’t wash it that Friday and I waited till to the Wednesday of that week to wash it. And by the time it was Friday AGAIN. It didn’t make sense to wash my hair since I just washed it, so I waited. Now I don’t know what to do. lol. (It still hasn’t been washed guys!) =P

There was also one  day where I didn’t wear my cap because I couldn’t find it. The next day my hair was EXTREMELY dry. (Really showed me how important the cap is). So I deep conditioned it, but it didn’t really moisturize it well. I think I washed it out too much. I didn’t even style it I just put it in large plats and left it alone.

I’m getting lazy guys.

Right. So…new things and ideas on my agenda. I really wanted to do a 3-week protective style because I wanted to just get my hands out of my hair daily…. (sick of taking care of it) but then I didn’t know if I should start on clean hair or old hair and then wash it again on a friday.

I’m pretty confused because I’ve been seeing so many cute styles and I just don’t want to sentence my hair on a can’t do anything project.

I’m really hitting  stump here guys, which is why I haven’t really posted much.

I remember I wanted to spice things up and try the ‘Inversion Method’ see if that 1- inch one week thing really works and I just got lazy all over again.

I hate Winter Break guys. I have nothing to occupy myself with and my hair is becoming a burden…. sort of.

Hoping this is just a phase and I hope that it blows over.

That’s me guys.

Back to you.

Until next time



One thought on “Hair Progress, Set Backs…etc. (I’m Documenting Guys)

  1. isleofazure says:

    Wow, you are going through a lot right now girl, do what you planned, take a day when you can do your wash day and protective style for 3 weeks, that way you have time to decide what you will like to do. Keep us posted dear, and be as gentle as you can, watch your favorite tv shows while doing your hair. Hope this helps a bit.

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