Inversion Method

Okay people! Yesterday I started the Inversion Method.
It’s basically promising 1 inch of hair growth in 1 week.

I’ve seen a couple of YouTube Naturals try this and heard a lot rave that it actually works and these results are coming from women who were skeptical from the beginning.
I remember about a couple of weeks ago I tried it and I never went through with it. I got lazy but I just want to try something interesting with my hair and see if it works.

So here I am, trying it again and this time  and I’m going to stick to it.

One thing I’ve noticed about my hair these past few days is that, the back of my hair is really reaching some length. (At least it feels that way.) I’m going to take some pictures and hopefully you’ll see and difference. But anyway! Inversion Method. Yes. Here’s how you do it:

How To Do The Inversion Method

  1. Heat up some oil. (Any Oil of your choice, I used Coconut Oil)
  2. Get a Applicator bottle and pour the oil inside it.
  3. Apply the oil, using the applicator bottle towards your scalp. *NOTE* APPLY DIRECTLY TOWARDS SCALP NOT YOUR HAIR
  4. Once you’ve covered your scalp with the heated oil, Massage for about 1-2 minutes
  5. After you’ve massaged bend your head over and let the blood rush to the top of your head. Stay in this position for about 4 mins. *CAUTION* No more than 4 mins.
  6. Slowly rise into an upright position.

And that’s it! You repeat this process everyday for 7 days. Some do it every 3-4 days and see growth. I’m going to do a full 7 days just to see how that works out, plus it works right into my weekly wash days anyway.


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