Perfect Moisture Retention

Guys, I finally found a moisture retention method that works!

It was completely on accident though.

A few days ago, I told you guys about me doing the inversion method (I won’t talk about the results until Thursday) and in the video, ya know, I was watching the lady do it and narrate what she was doing.

When she was done oiling her scalp, she placed on a shower cap, said “Greenhouse!” and then DONE!

I followed her by placing a shower cap on top of my head ,thinking this is the complete step of the Inversion Method.

The next morning I woke up ad my hair was damp with moisture and soft!

Basically the heat your head cooks up over night tried to escape your head but is blocked my the shower cap. This process is similar to Greenhouse gases hence calling it the ‘Greenhouse Method’

I like it only because I don’t have to moisturize my hair in the morning and it allows me to skip days without moisturizing!

See if it works for you.

You can moisturize your hair at night and then sleep with the shower cap on.


(You can place your bonnet on top as well)

But doing this added moisture to my hair that I didn’t have to add and that helps with my dryness.

Happy Hair Days! Can’t wait to talk about my Inversion Results!

Until next time.



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