Found The Right Products

Hey guys! Sorry I have not been posting. College has been keeping me really busy. But anyway, I just wanted to share some new things with you guys.

…like finding the right products. Eh? Excited or what?

I have low porous hair and I finally found a product that helps moisturizing without my hair from suffering from hydral fatigue. (When the hair puffs up or expands largely due to too much moisture)

But this bad boy:

BAM! I t’s like a tiger…

When I was doing some research on low porosity hair, My frustration on my chronic dry hair ceased. Since low porosity hair have tightly bound cuticles they naturally don’t accept much moisture.

Lighter creams, like hair milks, are supposed to be my best friend, so I decided to invest in a hair milk.

I tried the ‘As I Am’ Moisture Milk Daily Hair Revitalizer and it gave me the results I wanted. My hair felt soft and moisturized…at first. Now, a month later, when I use it I feel like it doesn’t make my hair as soft, but it still does moisturize the hair and doesn’t puff up or makes my hair feel hard.

I also changed my conditioner.


I saw a lot of naturals get into this one. BUT I realized that the tops are different and the one with the Black Top (shown above) is a new formula. This made me mad, thinking I was going to have the same conditioner as the other naturals, but no!

However I do like its results. I deep condition my hair for 20 mins on a medium heat and this conditioner has so much slip! & That’s the reason I bought it.

Why do so many conditioners have issues with slip?

(I’m exaggerating I haven’t tried that many conditioners.)

The only thing that bothers me about the Tresseme Naturals Conditioner is that none of these ingredients are natural or organic, which makes me worried about what chemicals I’m putting into my hair.

What do you guys think? If you’ve tried any of these products let me know if you liked these products or not by commenting below!

More stuff is coming soon, I promise.

Until next time.


One thought on “Found The Right Products

  1. That Kid says:

    I think the conditioners that tend to have issues with slip are ones that are largely silicone-free, which sucks because I love slip and I love silicone-free. But the hair industry has come a long way. It’s getting easier to find conditioners with a lot of slip that are also silicone-free, like Tresemme Naturals (which I love, by the way).

    Congrats on finding the right products. 🙂

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