Writing Out The Demons

I had an assignment that took a lot of courage to write. I take a personal essay class that allowed me to challenge a lot of inner demons, unanswered questions, events and everything in my life that I never had a chance to stop and self-reflect about what the hec was going on.

And like everything else on this blog, this essay was about my hair. The unit topic was titled ‘World’ and this assignment was to take a personal experience and turn the lens outward to see how many other people go through a similar experience.

We can all agree on some level going natural is something that, after a while, becomes bigger than yourself. So on top of my views and getting the world’s views, I thought, added some spice to the piece.

I knew that this was just an assignment, but giving this message meant a lot more to me than getting a good grade. This assignment literally sucked emotional and mental energy out of me.  Not to say that what I was writing about was really painful, but everything that I went through and what others went through were so real to me. It was a story that had to be told.

So if you’d like to read enjoy! All I like to do is share.



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