You Shouldn’t Be Spending Hours Washing Your Hair…

Do you spend hours upon hours during wash day?

I know I’ve heard a lot of natural ladies say, we need to take our ‘time’ with our hair and give it ‘love’….which is true!

However, since I didn’t spend hours washing my hair, I always thought that I was doing something wrong with my hair practices.

This video showed me that having LESS time on your hair,  DOESN’T mean you aren’t taking care of it properly

A lot of you have already heard of Taren Guy, whether you love her or not. She takes us to a hair salon in NY and has a hair care specialist show us a few things about kinky hair.

THIS video shows a basic routine for ALL HAIR TYPES on: How To Wash Your Hair.

I found the paddle brush tip, SO helpful. There has always been conversation about what is ‘white girl’ products or ‘black hair’ products, apparently the paddle brush fell into the ‘white girl’ category (stupid), ALL that is garbage (well to me the sayings should be non-existent). All hair tools can be used on all textures when used for the proper, STYLE or STYLING TECHNIQUE.  (However, that is my opinion).

For Part 1, if you wanna get into the action start at 3:00. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Did you find these vids helpful?

Anything you disagree with?

Try these tips on your next wash day and tell me if you think your process becomes easier or shorter.

Until next time guys!


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