Hair Growth Journey Fail

I am horrible at documenting my hair growth. I started when I hit technically ‘2 months’ but ever since then I’ve never came to a place where I celebrated my ‘hair journey’.

School got in the way, I believe, and there wasn’t much time for me to focus on blogging, except the occasional here’s-what’s-going-on-type -of-updates. When I hit my month-a-versaries I didn’t even tell you guys. I’d tell myself “Oh, ya know, next month” … And the cycle would repeat itself.

In the last 7 months of me deciding to embrace my hair and take care of it myself, I have no real records of how I’ve been doing. I have no clue if my hairs growing, whats working, what’s not and that kind of sucks…

However, if anything I did learn is which products are working for my hair and which are not. I’ve also learned some techniques to not do on my hair and what to do on my hair.

So there’s a lot of growth (at least) in a THAT.

So. I thought maybe my writing process (for poems and stories) is the way I like to record all things in general.

And that is I can’t write things via computers. There’s just something about the format or the way everything seems so blank is daunting. I’ve actually tried to figure why that is and maybe computer writing is a lot more automatic and instantaneous than paper writing.

I don’t know…does anyone know what I mean?

I personally like the feel of my ideas flowing from my head onto a paper and once it’s written you cannot erase everything immediately make it look as clean and official as a computer makes your work look.

That’s just me. Lol

THE POINT was that this is me realizing I should keep a book. Record my progress and then maybe post it here.

I also feel that was another problem. The idea of so much of myself on the internet. I’m not sure if I like the idea or if it comes off as scary to me. Maybe you guys don’t have this problem?? Am I just a wuss? Or did anyone else have privacy/public nerves about being on the www? No yes.

What do you guys think?

Until next time guys.


2 thoughts on “Hair Growth Journey Fail

  1. mynaturalbeing says:

    Don’t worry I use to feel that way, but if your looking for support in your journey and talk to women that can relate to what your going through then sometimes exposing yourself maybe worth it!!

  2. iamnaturallykinky says:

    One thing I learned is that doing monthly length checks is too much, for me anyway. They can also be kinda discouraging because it may appear that your hair isn’t growing when it actually really is. I do my length checks about every 4-5 months.

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