pH Balance, Moisture, & Nighttime Routines

For the last few days I’ve been recording my hair practices to see what techniques are working and which are not.

I’ve had a few posts here about my frustrations on the dryness on my hair.

One solution I came up with was the baggy method. (To place a plastic shower cap over your head while you sleep).

Another was the spritz water on my hair everyday. (I’d lightly mist my strands with a spritzer bottle)

Another was to find a proper moisturizer for my porosity level. (I have a low porosity level and after hours searching and reading on, I learned that milks were a light enough moisturizer for my hair)

Let me tell you how all these methods failed overtime and how I learned pH balancing helped me figure out how to properly moisturize my hair.

The first method was the baggy method which created a greenhouse effect. I’d place the baggy over my hair and then my red satin cap over it. The heat from my head would open my cuticles and create moisture. My hair would be moisturized….or so I thought. It worked the first few times but it was sopping wet when I continued the practice. My hair would then be over moisturized and would become tough to the touch. My hair would also expand Into a really large poof. It was frustrating and I eventually stopped doing that.

The water spritzing method is something you hear most naturals
advising us to do. I would also practice the L.O.C. Method trying to eliminate this prolonging dryness issue. I would spritz my hair with water and use the Cantu Shea Butter Leave- In as my Cream and jojoba oil as my oil. (I really did the L.C.O method but whatever)
Same problem with the baggy method my hair would be super tough and poofy. What I mean by poofy is that I would twist my hair into four sections. Those four sections by tomorrow? Pssh. Would shrink up and expand into little big twists. It made me disappointed that even the most recommended moisturizing technique wasn’t working for me.

The last thing I tried was a proper moisturizer. I used the As I Am moisture milk. It worked. It did everything I wanted to do. All I had to do was apply a small amount into each section of my hair and it was soft pliable and it would stay that way for the day. Only problem is…is it’s price. A total of almost $16. THATS the price of my hair to be moisturize. Every heard of kinky hair being high maintenance? Well. You do now.

I don’t have that kind of budget to spend that much on a hair product. I even considered buying organic products and making my own moisturizer but I don’t have the money for that either.

Okay so how did I fix this? I really had to give all the credit to Kimmaytube’s videos. I know Kimmaytube’s has been around long before I’m talking about her now. I’ve always seen her pH videos but I hated Chemistry in high school and I didn’t want my hair to become science. However, my current hair dryness lead me to wonder how she kept her moisturized & grew it so long.

Some of you may already know that Aloe Vera Juice is a good ingredient for our kinky natural hair. Lol, I didn’t. So that’s one.

But in a nutshell Aloe Vera Juice has a pH acidity of 4.0-4.5. This, and any other product between this pH range, allows the cuticles to close and contain whatever moisture you placed on it.

When you run water through your hair all it does is lift the cuticles but has nothing to close them. That is why my hair would become so tough because the water would evaporate completely from my hair leaving it so dry.

I was fascinated how pH levels worked into our hair and understand such can give you more insight into how to control your hairs behavior.

My hair with a mixture of aloe Vera juice and water has made
My hair softer for longer! I know some of you already know that but I’m just celebrating a victory lap here. Guys you have no idea! Lol

I’ll leave the video of Kimmaytube’s pH balance that talks about Aloe Vera juice. You can navigate the rest of that series by looking in the suggestions box on the side. Takes look educate yourself and tell me does it work for you.

Until next time guys!!!


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