Happy Hairiversary!!…Yeah Right, It’s Time To Cut.

Finally guys, I hit the mark. I FINALLY remembered to post on my hair anniversary. Great accomplishment no?

8 months.

And You know what? Not a single inch of growth. Nope, not really. We can all cross off Aloe Vera Juice off the list of miracle workers, because it worked for a while and then it didn’t. Gah! That is what CONTINUOUSLY KEEPS HAPPENING. I start using some grand moisture product and it works for a while and then

..it doesn’t. (Except for the moisture milk).

I kept going over it and over it.


No manageability,

Illusion that hair is not growing.

For a second I thought I reached terminal length and I was like no, because my hair HAS been longer than this before.

So I started to plunge into YouTube AGAIN and that’s when I realized.

I. Need. A. Trim.


Listen to this:

Split ends (which I have) will allow the moisture to seep out of the hair shaft =Dryness. CHECK!

The dryness will make my hair tough and more likely to tangle back into each other = No Manageability. CHECK!

Since my ends are dry and brittle, the breaking of the ends is faster than my hair is growing =Illusion that hair is not growing. CHECK!

So in short I’m gonna try to trim. It’s my last option.

My hair made no progress, look:

Same spot

Same spot

And my hair hasn’t gotten any shorter…thank  the holy heavens up above which to me this means it actually has the possibility to grow.

Phew, I am so glad I was smart about this and caught this issue NOW

 Rather than,

bending over tearing my hair apart,

believing I’m doomed to short hair.

And to be honest, I think that has a lot to do with  me growing to love my hair and not so much be obsessed with length anymore. So..yeah.

When THAT Happens  I’ll let you know and see the difference ad after THAT!

You’ll probably see some growth.

Until next time guys!


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