Celebrate The Color of Your Skin

I’ve been really wanting to share this story with you guys. Every time I tell myself Get on WordPress! I would tell myself “Not yet! Not yet! Talk about it later..later..later,girl.”

We all know how that thought train gets us.

I was in school when this happened and it was beautiful out. (Finally, ya know for Ithaca weather).

I wanted to go over and talk to a friend. (I really wanted her to show me the single rooms inside her dorm because I’m going to be an RA next semester and I was going to stay in the dorm she lives in now). However, she was smoking and having some girl time with another friend of hers, so I thought it’d be best to just chat with them and save the tour for another day.

We were talking about men preferences, different professors, and sun bathing. Eventually, my friend’s friend, let’s call her Casey (not her real name!)says something.

Casey was talking about how she hated how red-like-a-lobster she gets while tanning and really wanted to get some color into her family genes. I thought she was joking but later I found out her fiancé is Puerto Rican lol.

Anyway, The sun tanning comment was when the conversation became interesting. They were talking about how they hate having sunburn and the whole peeling thing.

I said, “Oh, I can’t relate.”
I never had sunburn. (Not that black people can’t have sunburn, they CAN. I’ve just never experienced that pain).

Then Casey said, ” God, if I could come back as any person. I would come back as a black woman.”

“You guys are strong, you cook great food, you guys don’t take any shit from nobody. You’re hair, your skin, everything is beautiful.”

“You guys have a certain assertiveness about you. Now, that may come from how your culture is or just the personal experiences you’ve been through, but damn, you girls are tough.”

“Plus you’re men, are fine. They don’t get old!”

And then I made the ‘Black don’t crack joke.”

But I’ve never heard another ethnic group flatter being black so beautifully. It was inspiring. Plus, I knew she wasn’t bullshitting. She was being serious.

**Now let me make a disclaimer. You should not let others noticing you create value in you. You should already see the value in yourself. So this post isn’t to say that now I’ve heard someone else say great things about black women, I love myself more. Or once you’ve had this experience, you’d be happier about yourself. No.**

All I’m saying here is that it was a very refreshing comment to hear and the peculiarity of the fact that I hear it from a DIFFERENT ethic group. I loved the fact that someone sees how awesome we, as black women, already are. But only if we ourselves started saying more of this to each other instead of beating ourselves down.

Our own kind doesn’t even celebrate us.

If only we stop self- separating and dividing each other. Personally, it’s not what OTHERS say about US, it’s what WE say about each OTHER.

The power of our words divides or unites. We all have already seen the evidence of that.

We need to empower our black women and not those who are soley black. I’m talking about accepting the bi-racial ones too. (Different post for another day, I’ve got a good story for that one too).

Just celebrate the skin you’re in ladies. We’re more wonderful than our minds and society makes it out for us to believe.

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate The Color of Your Skin

  1. iamnaturallykinky says:

    Very well said. We should not feel like we are in competition, but rather build each other up. I love my chocolate skin and wouldn’t have it any other way. But I also appreciate the beauty of my caramel skinned, yellow skinned, bronze skinned, and all colors in between sisters. We are all beautiful!

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