So I Cut My Hair…

Yeah. I did. I cut my hair.

Alright, let me break it down to you first.

Ten Days Ago was my 8 month hair anniversary and I needed a trim. You guys heard me complain all about it here.

I knew my ends were:
1) splitting,
2) thin and
3)see through.

Good three signs you need a trim, ladies. Don’t deny it.

I haven’t trimmed my hair in a good couple years, so I knew my hair wasn’t going to succumb to a cute little quarter inch cut.


This was going to be some dynamite cutting!

Yeah, I said dynamite. Just look!

Hair Before Cut on May 21st

Hair Before Cut on May 21st

Can you see all those damaged ends???

Horrific, see through, and wispy…(That’s a visual sign ladies). I knew they needed to be cut off, but you know what the incredible thing is? I was NOT, for one second, worried about length…cause you know what?


Exhibit A:

Growth in a 5 month span. It's in the same place, promise ;)

Growth in a 5 month span. It’s in the same place, promise 😉

That’s all the exhibits you need, honestly. I’m not disappointed, don’t let the previous caps fool you,  because a lot of my posts (if you haven’t noticed) had NOTHING to do with my length. It was just me trying to figure out a regimen, what works for my hair, and overall learning to LOVE it.

When I made my Bantu Knot Out Post, THAT was truly the moment where I LOVED my hair. The confidence I built that day is probably what led me to feel less emotionally attached to length. This a psychological breakthrough for me. I simply want HEALTHY hair, cause that’s what’s gonna grow. So I’m not beating myself up for having to cut it off.

But you know what I DO want to beat myself up for? I started to see more shedding around the time I stopped documenting it in my little notepad. It was around that 2-3 month span and I see more shedding than usual around that time, but whatever! I just wanted to keep accurate track, so when my hair GROWS, I am able to look back and see where things went wrong.

You know, everything gets better the second time around.

It’s okay, let me cut to the chase and show you guys what you’ve been waiting for:

My Cut: 2-3 Inches Off!

My Cut:
2-3 Inches Off!

Like I said, it’s been years since I’ve cut my ends and I knew it was going to be shorter. Yes, that little braided section is cut too. Wait’ll I show ya that length difference.

This is a good thing you guys! Seriously. When my hair stylist cut my hair off, I was happy! Relieved almost. Nice fresh ends, more chances of growth! It made me genuinely excited.

Until I got home….


my go-to. My easy, breezy, beautiful..

natural style.

I literally spent an HOUR trying to put it into something I thought was presentable. This is good, because last night I wanted to put my hair in a different protective style anyway.  I’ve been constantly re-fixing my bun for months and it defeats the purpose of having my hands out of my hair. So last night, I was looking at protective styles for short hair…hard to find.

What people classify as SHORT on YouTube ISN’T short in real-life, honey.

Anyway…This will allow me to be creative. I thought about mini-twists, you guys, but I have a baby face….tryna stop that.

 Let me know what protective hairstyles you put in your hair when you were in the shorter stages.

Until next time you guys! =)


4 thoughts on “So I Cut My Hair…

  1. naturallymia says:

    Just rock your fro. Dress it up with headbands and accessories. You could also style it in a mohawk with clips or elastic headband. You can always stretch it with twistouts. Maybe that will make it seem longer to fit into one.

    • Genimsaj says:

      I’ve been getting into puffs a lot lately. And I’ve actually read your Afro fest post. Interesting event! And I have been wearing more ‘out’ styles but I just want to know how to protective style?

      • naturallymia says:

        Oh yes, protective… Missed that the first time around. Flat twists… Corn rows. Braid up.

        Thanks for reading my afrofest post. 🙂 It was a great event!

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