Where Did The ‘Hair Journey’ Go? (Where Have You Been?)

Okay! Alright, so I know what you are thinking! Where did I go? Why haven’t I been writing? (And if you weren’t thinking that, I feel the need to explain myself anyway). For those of you who do not know, I am a college student. A range of 30 cups of coffee, irregular sleeping patterns (and lack thereof) painted with the name of “Finals Week” have recently ended and the ocean waves of life started to rock my ship just a bit. However, I survived and I am back at home for the holidays and the semester is completely over. I am back in my element and re-programming my brain to some sort of ‘normalcy’.

Re-programming my brain,


my mindset,

and most importantly for this blog:

my hair care.

For those of you who read avidly here, my last update on my hair journey has been the installation of the protective style called crochet braids.

Here are some pictures:

Crochet Braids: FInished Look

Crochet Braids: FInished Look

Crochet Braids: Finished Look

Crochet Braids: Finished Look

Crochet Braids is a protective style that involves your natural hair braided in cornrows. Once your natural hair is in cornrows, you would need free loose ‘weaving hair’ whether synthetic or human and take strands of hair. You would weave the ‘free hair’ in between the braid. Once the hair is woven in between the braid, you create a knot to secure it around the braid. Repeating these steps all over your head creates a ‘full’ look that imitates a full set of hair.

Since your hair is braided and hidden underneath the other hair, it protects that hair from the elements (dry and cold air, wind, snow). This makes it an effective protective style.

I did this for about a month and since I choose synthetic hair, it started getting old creating a fuzzy worn-out look.

My hair DID GROW!

Check it:



These pictures were early progress. I haven’t taken a picture since I’ve taken out the crochet braids.

However, beforehand, when I got my hair cut I couldn’t tie it back into a bun.
6 months later I can.


I just need to be more careful because when things got outta hand this semester, I stopped investing in taking care of my hair just a tad and it started breaking.

I think a protein treatment will do it some good.

I can and will show some pictures that demonstrate the length from when I cut my hair to what it looks like now!

Until next time. So good to be back in the game guys!


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