Learning How To Cornrow!


The semester’s finally over, but my passion for natural hair (thankfully) is not!

Get This!

I spent some time learning how to Cornrow Braid Hair!

Cornrow Braids

My best friend became certified as a professional makeup-artist about a couple of years ago. One time I was talking her ear off about how much I wanted to learn how to cornrow (because I’m young and have afro-textured hair and it’d probably help me out if I had some braiding skills). I couldn’t exactly hear her when she offered a few mannequin heads because I was so mad she already knew how to cornrow!  So she let me borrow some of her heads (heads…?) that she had from the makeup academy to let me practice.

Let me tell you something…Cornrow braiding is difficult.

Not the basics but, in the natural hair community, if you’ve never learned how to wash or style your hair on your own, you’d feel a little loss as far as doing anything on your hair.

Seventeen years of my life, I’ve been babied. I’ve been a ‘salon baby’ for 6 of those years. Having to deal deal with my coiled roots was someone else’s problem. Even though I’ve been ‘natural’ all my life, learning how to do my hair was as scary as being on an expert skiing course…and you’ve never even touched skis. So I’ve been practicing….a lot.

It’s frustrating when you don’t have anyone to teach you! I’ve had no one except the ‘randoms’ of the internet. As some of you know, most Youtube videos have the tendency to not be all that helpful. They either just start braiding or they have difficulty explaining the technique. There’s one channel on YouTube called ChocolateHairVanillaCare. If you watch that video on cornrow braiding, it does a phenomenal job at clearly explaining cornrowing. It taught me well and I thought: Hey! More than one video of a clear explanation will do some people some good.

So I’ve decided to start some tutorials.

A clear one.

That’ll hopefully benefit someone out there who has NO IDEA how to cornrow.

In my next post I’ll ping back the link for that video! So stay tuned! =)


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