I Bought New Products..!!

I just went to Sally’s Beauty Supply Store and purchased some products for my hair and…I’m totally stoked! Look:

IMG_0423 (1)

I got the Silk Elements and the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque for free as well as a $5 off coupon for my next purchase. And let me tell you. This was expensive. The total cost for all of this came down to a whopping $53.25 with my Sally Beauty card. The most expensive product here is the Miss Jessie Baby Butter Creme. It’s such a pain in the ass to purchase but I LOVE what it does with my hair when I style it!! Keeps it moisturized and leaves a beautiful sheen and I haven’t found another product that does that with my hair…yet.

I’m still on the hunt for another cheap styler/moisturizing product that works with my hair so I don’t have to kill my wallet with every purchase. But in my experience this product does wonders with my hair. So it’s a good purchase for me. They’re all good purchases for me. If you’re a consistent reader you’d know about my hair products deficiency and you can see why I’m excited.

If you’re newly natural and looking for what products to use in this massive wide deep ocean of product choices: Take every suggestion with a grain of salt. I use to be like you, new and not quite sure which product was right for me. And I wanted my hair to grow and that was only possible if I bought the right products. And money don’t grow on trees. So! I did intensive research and looked EVERYWHERE to find them.

If I saw a natural hair guru or hair blogger with hair that kind-of-sorta-looked-like-mine-but-not-really-sure using a certain product, I’d buy it. I even got caught up in hair-texture-typing for a while and would go on naturallycurly.com (good site by the way) because they match what kind of products are suitable for your hair type. That was a real hit and miss for me because although my hair texture would rule out tons of products that weren’t suitable for my hair, hair texture isn’t a COMPLETE indicator as to what products are good (or bad) for your hair.  I’d even buy products that had the most consensus amongst tutorials and my favorite naturalistas. Wouldn’t work for my hair.  (By the way anyone want my Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel? It’s still sitting there).

So I’ll let you know how my new hair products works out for me! And tell me if you ever were a product junkie or how many trial and errors you had until you find the right product. Comment below!

Until next time guys!

~P.S. I haven’t forgotten about the braiding video…I’m still working on getting a camera. It’s coming! I’ll surprise ya 😉


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