Learning Corner: The Differences Of Hair

You already know that hair is different.

But there are a lot of misconstrued perceptions of hair and why it is different. People wonder why some hair doesn’t behave like others and why it doesn’t look the same as their own.  The saying: “Everybody is created differently.” should be a sufficient enough answer to allow acceptance of different types of hair.  As simplistic as this answer is, unfortunately, it is not enough. (It wasn’t even enough for me!)  The truth is people aren’t educated enough about the hair that grows on their head and There is not one simple answer to why that is either.

From our daily lives of well…just living, We can all come to the consensus that :

Her hair is different from My Hair.”

And it may seem obvious,

 But I know that there a lot of people out there

Asking in the back of there minds:

Why is that?

And this page is simply to explain to those who are curious,  who may be too embarrassed to ask, or just wants to educate themselves more on hair.

So here we go, there are many factors as to why,

Our Hair Is The Way It Is

and this strongly depends on:

 The Angle Our Hair Grows Out Of The Scalp.

THAT ALONE is what determines how straight or curly or wavy our hair grows, whether we have straight hair, curly hair, semi-wavy hair, or really tightly coiled hair.  It all depends on the angle our hair grows out of our scalp. This angle is determined on how the hair follicle is positioned in the scalp, which I go more in depth in this post here:

The Way Your Hair Grows (naturallyblack.wordpress.com)

I’m hoping that posts gives more insight on how different hair grows and the structure and makeup of all hair. However, I really want to get down to the hair I blog about.

“Why does some hair stick up while others lay down flat?”

I’ve heard this question a lot growing up. I have know idea if people still ask about different textured hair this way anymore, however, People have seen hair like this all the time:


Photo Credit To: kinkycurlycoilyme.com

This is what is called kinky hair. This kind of hair is actually a product of really tightly coiled curls. The hair grows at an extreme angle from the scalp and  proceeds to grow upwards instead of downwards. This type of hair is mostly associated with African Americans but it is definitely NOT limited to that race alone. Women of all race and skin color can be born with Kinky Hair.

Kinky hair has a tendency to be dry.  Since the hair is so thick and grows in an extremely curly and coily pattern, the natural oils from the scalp have a difficult time running down towards the end of the hair shaft leaving the hair dry.

Women with this hair texture therefore have to add oils to it.

You may have heard the words: “Hair Grease” or “Hair Lotions” women with this hair type use to moisturize their hair. In doing this women may have more shine or oil to their hair than other hair textures.

This type is also very fragile. Because of its dry tendency it can break off, if not moisturized properly. Hence a lot of women with this hair type saying “Don’t touch my hair”. (However that’s not the only reason why women with this hair texture don’t want you to touch their hair (Another post for another time.))

Because the hair type looks very thick,  it can take more time to manage and control. Women with this hair type may need some extra products to help manage their hair in a way that is presentable.

Kinky Hair is a very unique and versatile hair type. It can be straighten sleek, it can be brought up in a puff, placed in braids and twists, up-dos that other hair types may need hair spray, gel, mousse to achieve.

I’ve learned that many people don’t know about Kinky Hair (or even that it’s called Kinky) and I really wanted to allow people to understand that kind of hair and grow to marvel and love it in the way I’m learning too.

Thanks for reading!


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