What is African Threading?

African Threading is a method used to stretch natural hair without using heat. Since afro-textured hair shrinks when wet, it can also dry in that shrunken state. Drying in in that shrunken state can create tangles and attempting to detangle it with a comb can create breakage!

…And I want my hair to grow.

SO! I washed my hair and wanted to try this hair stretching method. So here is what African Threading method looks like on my natural hair:

African Threading

African Threading









African Threading

African Threading








The way I achieved this look is from taking a hair band and tying it around closest to the root of my hair. Then I loop the thread (I used sewing thread) in between one of the loops of the hair band. I don’t try knotting it because that’ll create difficulty in the take down. then I start going to down the shaft of the hair and then lightly tie it around the end.

The next morning my hair was completely dry and stretched. So this worked! I wouldn’t do it again necessarily because it takes too long! I like to either style my hair for the next morning or have a style I can do very quickly.

However, this is a pretty cool method to dry your afro-textured hair.


3 thoughts on “What is African Threading?

    • Genimsaj says:

      Hi! Thanks for pointing this out. I acknowledge that I may have biases and lack of knowledge! So would you please care to explain what this method may actually be called in comparison to what you know?

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